Event Host and Emcee

As well as giving a Keynote Presentation, I can also host/emcee your event.

As an experienced performer I can get the audience’s attention, enliven them, motivate them, and keep their energy up – ensuring they are getting the maximum benefit from the event. This is more than just introducing the next speaker!

In fact, if you don’t have a professional host to keep the momentum going it will make it harder for each speaker and presenter. They will have to put more effort into getting the audience to give them their full attention. Each speaker or presenter only has a set amount of time, and that time is valuable. You want them to be spending that time giving the content (which is what you paid them for), not to be using that time telling people to sit down, be quiet, and ask if they can be heard at the back.

A host (like me!) will be entertaining to encourage the audience to give them attention. A good host will make the audience anticipate what is about to come, and a great host will recap the main points of what they’ve seen already. Therefore turning a schedule of speakers and presentations into a memorable and action packed day, full of actionable content and ideas that the audience will be eager to take away and impliment.

And it’s not just introducing speakers and lifting the energy.

What if…?

What if something goes wrong on the day? What if a speaker fails to turn up? What if there’s a technical error and the projector breaks. What if, what if, what if…?!

Unlike someone booked to give a 45 minute keynote, a host knows they will need to think on their feet and ad-lib. And that’s why I prepare my ad-libs in advance. On the day I bring more to the stage that what I’m told I’ll be needing. This may be I’ve got a anecdote that gives just enough time for the batteries in the next speaker’s microphone to be replaced, or even something in my pocket to interactively demonstrate effective body-language reading for a fun and entertaining 10 minutes.

In fact, when something goes wrong and there’s chaos behind the scenes your audience shouldn’t even know.

Types of Event

So far because I’m a Keynote Speaker I’ve used that type of event as an example – essentially a staff training and motivational event. But other types of event can benefit for professional hosting:

And of course as well as hosting the event I can also include my own Keynote Presentation into the package.