That Keynote Speaker with the Rubik Cube…

Hi there! I’m Robert Bone, and I’m a keynote speaker and host for motivational seminars and events.

There’s likely one of two reasons you’re on my website at the moment.

  1. You’re looking for a keynote speaker and you’ve stumbled across my page – and have absolutely no idea who I am
  2. You’ve seen me do “that thing with Rubik Cube” before – and now you’re organising an event just to have the excuse to book me yourself.

Ok, so I may be being a little presumptuous there. If you do fall into Option 2 then get in contact and let’s discuss the details. For everyone else here’s a bit more information about what I do.

My Keynote Presentation

The main “product” is my keynote speech (the one with “that thing with the Rubik Cube”). It has plenty of “actionable content” that can immediately be applied by all levels of your staff, right up to the Chief Executive and the Senior Management team. However, it’s more than that. It engages and inspires the whole audience, and makes each one see how important they are to the bigger picture. A Rubik Cube may have 43, 252,003,274,489,856,000 combinations (yes, that’s true, it does), but only one of them is solved – if just one of smaller pieces is in the wrong way round it’ll never be complete.

Rubik Cube Keynote Speaker

Making sure your team work together, and follow set patterns and formulas will give you predictable and measurable results.

But this keynote is more than just solving a Rubik Cube as a metaphor for solving any problems your company may face. It’s a also a Three Dimension system that can be applied by any individual to overcome problems they may face on a daily basis in their professional and personal lives.

Oh, and of course there’s the ‘big idea’, or ‘big picture’ or ‘big hairy take-away’ that will leave everyone motivated to apply what they’ve learnt, and to see the benefit of what they can achieve. And inspiring.

Not to mention fun and entertaining. Yes, you want to book a keynote speaker – but your audience will see a fun show. (And what teacher inspired you at school; the one who read from the text books, or the one that what excited about the subject they taught and engaged the class?)

A Little About Me

I quit my job as a mortgage adviser in 2006 to become a full time professional magician. At the time friends, family and colleagues all thought I was crazy and put up objections. I had to overcome these objections (and more), and teach myself the skills needed in business – not just magic – in order to succeed.

How I Fit In With Your Event

As well as giving my main keynote presentation I can also host your event – either acting purely as the host/emcee; or hosting and introducing other speakers and presenters, and closing the event with my keynote speech.

My presentation can be for a small group of people. If you’re a small company with big ambitions then my keynote is a perfect way to end an away-day, whilst still keeping business at the forefront of their minds. Perhaps you just want a certain department, team, or management level to have training day – then again the keynote can be presented to a small room of people.

Don’t think you need an auditorium full of people to book me. (The smallest event had just seven people in a small function room in a hotel near Aylesbury. And I was one of the seven. And it went down fantastically!)

Anything Else?

As well as my Keynote speech I also give talks on the subject of magic and mind-reading. These are shorter and more “educational” rather than business and motivational. They are perfect for social groups (such as WI, U3A, Rotary, and other clubs and association), as well as afternoon talks on cruise ships.

And for the pure entertainment I am still able to be booked for close-up magic, and as my after-dinner mind-reading cabaret show. And of course these can be built in to packages alongside a Keynote speech.

Please email me directly ([email protected]) with details of the date and the type of event, or complete the contact form.